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The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus


League of Women Voters endorses Columbus income tax proposal

Saturday, Jun. 27, 2009

Scott Britton, (614) 364-0541

The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus today endorsed Issue 1, the Columbus income tax increase, on the Aug. 4 special election ballot.

The League examined the tax issue thoroughly before deciding to support its passage. “The League of Women Voters has a longstanding public policy position both locally and nationally supporting adequate resources for government and preferring the income tax over other taxes as a means of ensuring sufficient revenue,” said Scott Britton, the League’s vice president for advocacy.

“Raising taxes may not be popular, particularly in the current economic climate,” Britton continued. “However, the League concluded that raising the income tax is the fairest and most expedient way to ensure that essential city services, from police and fire to health care and recreation centers, continue to enhance the quality of life we have in Columbus.”

While the passage of Issue 1 has broad support from leading civic organizations, Britton said the League looked carefully at arguments against the tax increase before coming to a decision. “We felt that the problem of the city budget’s structural imbalance will not be solved solely by new tax revenue,” Britton said. “And though we believe the tax increase to be necessary to preserve essential services, the League will monitor promises made by the city – including reevaluating employee compensation packages and stepping up economic development efforts – if the issue passes.”

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization. While the League  never endorses candidates or political parties, the almost 90-year-old organization does study issues and takes positions on them after looking closely at all aspects. In recent elections, the League has endorsed the Columbus school levy/bond and the Metro Parks levy, both of which passed with strong support from voters. The League took no position on the other issue on the Aug. 4 ballot, the South-Western Schools levy.