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The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus


Congress asked to support global warming policy principles

Wednesday, Sep. 24, 2008

In a letter to U.S. Representatives David Hobson, Deborah Pryce, and Patrick J. Tiberi, the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus urged support for the "Principles of Global Warming Legislation."

The complete text of the letter follows:

September 25, 2008

Dear Representative Hobson/Pryce/Tiberi:

On behalf of the board of the League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus and our members across central Ohio, I urge you to support the “Principles for Global Warming Legislation” developed by Representatives Henry Waxman, Ed Markey, and Jay Inslee. It is time for Congress to take action to protect us from the harmful effects of greenhouse gas pollution.

We are already feeling the impacts of global warming across our nation and the world, from intensifying hurricanes and floods in some areas to increasingly severe heat waves and droughts in others, along with disappearing glaciers and more wildfires. If left unchecked, the effects could be catastrophic. Millions of people will be displaced as rising sea levels flood coastal areas, many regions will be devastated by reduced crop yields and shortages of drinking water, human health will be threatened by the spread of malaria and other diseases, and many plant and animal species will be at risk of extinction.

Restoring balance to the world’s climate requires the rapid deployment of energy efficiency and a shift to clean, renewable energy. Fortunately, these solutions are among the same efforts that will relieve the pain caused by high energy costs: reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and transitioning the United States to a clean energy future.

These “Principles for Global Warming Legislation” are the essential elements for comprehensive legislation to protect current and future generations from the worst effects of global warming. The League urges your support and thanks you for your service to central Ohio.

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