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The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus


Members take part in central Ohio regional meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013

The League of Women Voters of Ohio organizes regional meetings twice a year to share news and updates from the State and National League.

LWVO Co-president Meg Flack gains valuable insights from League members across central Ohio on the state League’s strategic plan.

This winter’s Regional Meeting highlighted new membership initiatives and a chance to give input on the Ohio League’s strategic plan for 2013-2018.

Several members of LWVMC joined League members from Chillicothe, Athens, and Delaware for a chance to socialize and share stories from their local League.

Meg Flack, Co-President of the LWVO Board, facilitated an interactive discussion on LWVO’s strategic plan for the next five years. Current goals of the strategic plan include:

Participants at the Regional Meeting provided input on the plan.  Most thought that the goals were challenging but would be beneficial to both the state and local Leagues. LWVO’s strategic goals will be approved by its Board this spring and the Board will then work on developing specific strategies and measurements for implementing the goals.

During the second half of the meeting LWVO Board Member, Carol Patterson, described a pilot program to assist local Leagues with recruiting and retaining members. The goal of the program is to increase League membership and establish a visible League presence in communities across the United States. LWVO has chosen to participate in this pilot program, which includes providing local Ohio League chapters with training and materials to support a membership initiative. The Ohio League will provide Membership Mentors to local Leagues. These mentors will give advice and support to Leagues as they work to increase and retain members.

LWVO is currently looking for experienced League members interested in volunteering to be mentors, as well as local League chapters that would like to participate in the membership program. If you are interested in being a mentor, or have any thoughts on this new program, please contact Elizabeth at the LWVMC office.