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The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus


Oberlin League

Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013

It was recently brought to the attention of LWV of Oberlin members that due to state law allowing guns in public places, people can bring guns into parks, even parks under local control. Currently, gun rights advocates are carefully going through local ordinances to see if they conflict with state law, specifically sections 9.28 and 2923.126 of the Ohio Revised Code.  These statutes prohibit local municipalities from regulating possession of firearms in their public parks. In addition the law says that if any municipality brings a lawsuit against this legislation, all costs will be born by the municipality. To date, two have sued: Cleveland and Clyde. Both have lost their cases. Gun rights activists have been to other communities, many of which have simply altered their ordinance without fanfare to be in sync with state law, as is mandated. 

Groups of armed men and women from around the state descended upon a public park in Oberlin recently, threatening further such armed demonstration if city council didn’t cave in. The Oberlin city council voted 4 – 3 to go ahead and change our ordinance, but vowed to continue to explore ways to redress what they perceive as an encroachment of home rule and a dangerous public gun policy.

The Oberlin League is seeking input and help from Leagues across the state. They want to hear from other members as to whether or not their community has been affected/targeted? If so, how? The Oberlin League also wants to spread the word that guns, both open carry and concealed, are legal in your public parks.  The Oberlin League is seeking members interested in helping them spread the word and mobilize to make a change. If you are interested or want to be kept informed on this issues, please let Elizabeth now and she will get you in touch with Linda Slocum, LWV Oberlin Area President.