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The League of Women Voters of Metropolitan Columbus


LWVMC Positions on Issue 4 & Issue 7

Monday, Oct. 27, 2014

While the League of Women Voters is strictly nonpartisan, in that we neither support, nor oppose candidates for office at any level of government, the League is also wholeheartedly political and works to influence policy through education and advocacy. Through a detailed process of study and consensus, members of the League of Women Voters take positions on public policy issues.

This election season, LWVMC has taken a position on several local issues. issues.

LWVMC is supporting the passage of Issue 4: Franklin County Children Services Levy. Click here to see a letter to the editor on our support of Issue 4.

LWVMC is taking a neutral position on Issue 7, because of concerns about several amendments to the Columbus City Charter contained in this issue.Click here for more details about Issue 7.