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Continuing to Collect Redistricting Petition Signatures!

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018

Fair Elections = Fair Districts Update

Redistricting news has been developing quickly in the last few weeks, beginning with the revelation that the legislature was looking to place a redistricting measure on the primary election ballot in May. Since the first of the year, Senator Matt Huffman introduced a "reform" proposal that could actually make gerrymandering worse and write "packing and cracking" tactics into the constitution. However, thanks to pressure through testimony in committee and calls to legislators' offices from redistricting activists, Senator Huffman and majority leadership have been negotiating with the Fair Districts coalition and stated they do not intend to pass a reform proposal without our support as well as that of the minority party.
On January 29, Senator Huffman announced amendments to his proposal, but the changes still fall short of ending partisan gerrymandering, so the coalition still cannot support it as it stands. The deadline for the legislature to place this issue on the May ballot is 11:59 pm next Wednesday, February 7, so there is little time to lose. Make sure your legislators know what you want them to do if a plan comes up for a vote.
LWVO and the Fair Districts coalition are committed to meaningful redistricting reform, and will not abandon our petition effort until reform is a reality. At last count in December, we had a total of over 193,000 signatures, but we will release another update as soon as possible which will show us even closer to qualifying for the ballot.
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